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Clean is Just a Spray Away!

Handy Spray bedpan washers are unique handheld sprayers that offer you the convenience of rinsing bedpans and ostomy bags right over the toilet ... with just the press of a button! Helping caregivers save time and provide efficient patient care.

With a wide range of available sizes and options, Handy Spray bedpan cleaners were created to be affordable options for home care and facilities of all sizes. It is the perfect tool for Assisted Living, Home Care, Hospitals, and Hospice facilities.

Affordable & Easy to Install

The Handy Spray bedpan sprayers hook up to your existing plumbing - connecting directly to the toilet tank supply line - making installation a breeze! And all versions comply with commercial plumbing requirements.

The sprayers are even available in discounted bulk purchase for commercial use, so you can install one in every bathroom in your facility.


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handy spray bed pan washer

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